We have a variety of security, access control and surveillance solutions that will meet your business’s needs no matter how big or small. Our highly trained staff will professionally install your system with minimal downtime to your business.

Fire in the buildingFire

Protect your office, property and staff with our advanced fire and smoke alarm systems. 24/7 monitoring support provides a fast response time in the event of fire or smoke detection.

Button lock security business web iconSecurity

Our business security packages offer protection for your employees, assets and properties. Options such as Intrusion alarms, burglar alarms, and sirens offer effective and affordable protection. Conveniently monitor and control your security system remotely with a smart phone or web-enabled device.

video surveillance camera on a wall of the buildingVideo Surveillance

Monitor and protect your business against shoplifting, vandalism and employee theft. Our options include:

  • Motion Detection Systems – will automatically capture movement around key points of your business.
  • Remote Video Access – Monitor your business in real-time or play back recorded events using your smartphone or internet ready device.
  • Video archives – Archive video footage of your business to document visitors, transactions or events

Access Control

Protect multiple entry points and create secure areas at your business with our flexible access control systems. No need for keys or locks to protect valuable assets.

street, shop windows showcase nightEnvironmental

Monitor and adjust your business’s environment on location or remotely. Temperature sensors prevent cold damage such as freezing pipes. Control lights, appliances and thermostats to save energy.